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Angry girlfriend dumps ex-lover’s Mercedes in swimming pool after being jilted


A model named Kristina Kuchma has gone viral after her harsh action towards her ex- boyfriend, Guy Gentile for calling off their relationship.

Kuchma had presented a business idea to Gentile and requested N17.7 million to start up but he refused.

As if the refusal wasn’t enough, Gentile went on to call off the relationship, a decision that got Kristina furious. To pay back, she drove his Mercedes S400 hybrid straight into the pool leaving Gentile with a story to tell the world.

In an interview with NY Post, Gentile opened up about how he felt when he saw his car in the pool. He said: “My heart dropped because of [fears she was inside].

“I didn’t care about the car at that moment but after I realised she wasn’t in it, then I start to get pissed off that she would pull something like this after everything I’ve done for her. I dumped her, she dumped my car.”

Gentile revealed that it took about four hours to get the car out of the pool. When asked what happened before the car landed inside the water, he said their last dinner was supposed to be a casual one with a friend — until she dropped a bomb on him.

He said: “She looks at me and said, ‘I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant’.”

Thinking he was going to be a father and agreeing to father the child, she then rephrased saying she was “pregnant with an idea” and proceeded to ask for a loan of N17.7 million to start her business.

He declined and explained that he had already bought her a Gucci bag, new iPhone, and new Beats headphones as birthday gift — but the business request “blurred the lines” between business and romance, he said and moved to end their year-and-a-half-long relationship.

Gentile later arrived home to find his car deep in the pool.


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