Bobrisky reveals his bae might be a minister


Nigerian male barbie Bobrisky has kept fans guessing who his almighty bae is.
Often times, he will give a hint of who he is but never his true identity. Recently, he seemed to have shared too much information when he advised fans on how to dress to go see a minister, using himself as example.
His approach to the post suggested that his bae who is the source of his expensive lifestyle might be a minister. Immediately fans suspected it, as if guilty, Bobrisky took down the post in a flimsy attempt to protect the identity of his boyfriend.
However, just before he took it down, some of his fans were able to capture the words of the mysterious bae’s girlfriend.
He said: “Fashion game is strong dis is how u look when u are on a date with a Minister. Let him feel ur beauty dat dress”.

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