I love to kiss — Denrele Edun


Popular media personality Denrele Edun, has revealed just how much he loves kids and would want to have them.
In a recent interview, Edun talked about dating, marriage and kids.
He revealed that he is single and does not have a girlfriend, saying,  ” The girls did not let me be, so now I am trying to put myself in right perspective.”
When asked when he last kissed a girl, Derenle said, “A few weeks ago. Her name is Ada Slim. It was a correct kiss. And no we never dated. I went to her birthday and I didn’t bring her a gift. So it was a birthday kiss. Someone took our photograph and the kiss went viral. I even posted it on my Instagram page. I love kissing; kissing is sweet.”
Derenle also said he cannot wait to have children, adding that he is  obsessed with children.
“I think two children will be fine. A boy and a girl and I am done. My celebrity friends always come and dump their children in my house. I understand children more than many people out there. I know I act like them because there is a little kid in all of us and may be because I used to be a teacher. I took up a teaching job after I left secondary school and I read English Education at the University of Lagos. So I understand the behavioural pattern of kids. And children love that I can understand and listen to them.”

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