Why I smell my vagina everyday — Eva Alordiah


Everybody has their daily ritual or routine which they can’t go a day without doing or embarking on. Nigeria female rap star, Eva Alordiah has a weird one which isn’t afraid to share on social media.

Eva Alordiah urged ladies to have the habit of smelling their cookie, just so they can know if they’re healthy down there or not.

The rapper, via a post she made on Social media, revealed to her fans that she smells hers once everyday… and it has failed nonetheless to smell of something.

“Everyday, without failing, I smell my vagina. Today she smelled of nothing”, wrote the rapper, who recently broke her engagement to her boyfriend, Caesar.

“So, there you have it ladies! Have the habit of smelling your coochie at least once everyday, so you won’t be embarrassed one day,” she wrote.


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