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19 Common eye problems


Most people have eye problems at one time or another. Some are minor and will go away on their own, or are easy to treat at home. Others need a specialist’s care.

Whether your vision isn’t what it used to be, or never was that great, there are things you can do to get your eye health back on track.

See if any of these common problems sound familiar. And always check with a doctor if your symptoms are really bad or don’t clear up within a few days.


Anyone who reads for hours, works at a computer, or drives long distances knows about this one. It happens when you overuse your eyes. They get tired and need to rest, just like any other part of your body.

If your eyes feel strained, give them some time off. If they’re still weary after a few days, check with your doctor to make sure it isn’t another problem.

Below are the common eye problems:


Macular Degeneration

Eye Floaters



Eye Injuries

Eyelid Inflammation/Blepharitis

Ocular Migraines

Diabetic Retinopathy


Red Eyes

Night Blindness

Lazy Eye

Cross Eyes (Strabismus) and Nystagmus

Colour blindness




Excess Tearing.


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