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Industrialists Commend Stable Power Supply In Kwara State

Mr. Arowolo Johnson, Personnel/Admin Manager, Tuyil Pharmaceutical Company Nig. Ltd, Ilorin.

We at Tuyil will forever be grateful to the Governor Bukola Saraki administration for its initiative in the area of stabilizing power supply in the state. This has paid off greatly.

Before the Ganmo Power Project came, we consumed nothing less than 10 drums of diesel monthly. But now with unprecedented stable power supply, we hardly use one drum of diesel within the same period. This is quite salutary.

We have many reasons to be grateful to the present administration: Apart from the fact that private power generation for industries is capital intensive, we have also since discovered that the use of generator often adversely affect our machines. Only a stable power supply ensured by the PHCN is good for the health of our machines.

The stable power supply has also increased our production level and has equally broadened our market base. We have developed from about five products at inception to about 82 products presently. We also have about 22 depots across the country.

We expect that very soon the cargo terminal will take off so as to reduce the challenges we face in transporting our cargos from the Lagos port by road.


Mr. Mokeke Jude, Human Resources/Admin Manager, Dangote Flour Mills, Ilorin.

Power supply has improved since early last year (2009). And you will agree with me that that was when the Ganmo Power Station was energized. This improvement is incontrovertible as even the most incurable cynic will admit this phenomenal improvement.

Our reliance on the PHCN power supply is quite on the high side because of our operations. Now our reliance rate on the PHCN power is about 88%. We use our generators sparingly to source for the remaining 12%.

The private sector community of the Nigerian economy has positively identified Kwara State as an emerging investors’ destination with great potentials still waiting to be tapped. This is why companies, industries are presently trooping to the state.

Stable power supply and a secured atmosphere which have become Kwara State’s middle names are great assets in industrial circle.

This new regime of stable power supply has helped our production level. Presently, we are increasing our production level from 500 tons to 1,000 tons daily. This development has its multiple advantages for us as a company – increase in output and turnover, and increase in number of factory hands needed – which are drawn from the host communities.

This present government has done very well. We only hope the next administration will be able to sustain this high level performance.

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