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“Seek forgiveness; purify your hearts to attain Allah’s pleasure”


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Kamaldeen Central mosque, Agbo-Oba, Ustaz Ahmad Rufai Fasasi has advised Muslims to purify their hearts and seek for Allah’s forgiveness always to avoid the wrath of their Creator.

Doing this, Fasasi emphasised, brings the Muslims closer to Allah (SWT) and attracts his pleasure.

The cleric gave the advice during his Friday sermon shortly before the traditional two rakat prayers.

According to him, Muslims should always seek for forgiveness from Almighty Allah, adding that such action will purify the heart and brings them closer to Allah.

He said all hearts at inception were created pure by Allah but sinful actions gradually make them corrupt leading to their being damage and susceptible to Allah’s wrath.

He therefore advised Muslims and people in general to turn to Almighty Allah and seek for forgiveness, adding that people are fund of committing sins which from time to time led them astray and lose the hereafter.

Quoting copiously from the Glorious Qur’an, the Imam said Allah commanded and requested his servants to seek for forgiveness and He will purify them.

“If your good deeds supersede your bad deeds, it means one has been successful and you will be grouped with the Prophet Muhammad followers and if your bad deed is above your good deed you will be punished.

“On the Day of Judgment, Muslims who found themselves on the right path will thank Allah at the end because of the pleasures from Allah.

“Muslims should check themselves and see where they have offended themselves and Allah and seek for forgiveness in that regards to purify the heart to make it amenable to obedience of the Creator.”


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