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Growth of Commercial Sector Infrastructure (V)
Continued from last week
Engr. Yahaya Hussein, KAM WILL Industry Nig. Ltd, Asa Dam, Road, Ilorin.:  I must be honest with you, we are grateful to the Governor Bukola Saraki administration. He has done commendably well on the issue of power supply. Power Supply has improved significantly since the commissioning of the Ganmo Power Project. We particularly started experiencing this in January this year. Before January 2010, we used to enjoy power supply between 15 to 17 hours daily. But now, it has hopped up to between 22 to 23 hours daily. You will agree with me that in the Nigeria of today, this is quite significant.
The development has also drastically cut down on our diesel consumption often needed to power our generators in times of power outage which were incessant before January this year. But we must add that we still occasionally experience fluctuations, which we learnt is being attended to. And in domestic power supply, there is still more to be done in the area of distribution as some areas in Ilorin are still being subjected to shifts. For instance, where I live in Ilorin enjoys electricity between 8 to 10 hours daily. But admittedly, power supply has improved appreciably.

…And The Saw Millers Too.

Mallam Ibrahim Isa, Irewolede Saw Mill, Ilorin

We are presently enjoying a steady power supply like never before. I have been in the saw milling business for about 40 years now. The regular power supply we enjoy in this place presently is unprecedented.
The volume of business is so much that we, at times, turn back customers because we work from dawn to dusk. However, this wouldn’t have been possible without a stable power supply.
Here we enjoy everything – a brand new, high-powered transformer, stable power supply; all these have combined to engender a boom in business for us. We cannot thank Governor Bukola Saraki enough. We wish it were possible to prolong the tenure of this administration for another fresh term. However, we pray the coming administration will be able to sustain this laudable legacy of Governor Saraki.

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