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“Qur’an solution to all problems”


By Ahmed Ajikobi

Imam Sultanate Mosque Adewole, Ustaz Sultan Kamaldeen has tasked  Muslims to rely on the Holy Qur’an for solutions to all the problems encountered in life.
The Imam made this known at his sermon (Khutbah) during the Jumaat service before the two rakat prayers.
According to him, the Qur’an is a blessing from Allah to all Muslims, adding that it was the tool used by the Creator to remove Muslims from darkness to light.
While calling on the Muslims to hold on to the Qur’an and practicalised its dictates, Kamaldeen said though the Qur’an is not a scientific book, there is no aspect of development and human existence and interaction that was not captured and with solution provided in the Book.
“Qur’an is a cure to all the diseases and a pathfinder for the lost and already guided on how to remain steadfast on the right path.
“That is why you cannot find another pirated version of the Qur’an because Allah(SWT) himself has protected it and will continue to do so till eternity.
“As a divine manual for the whole of mankind, the Qur’an has passed through generation intact despite all the efforts by enemies of Islam.
Kamaldeen said the Qur’an has a lot of messages to bring Muslims closer to almighty Allah meant to be learned, internalised and practiced.
Quoting various Qur’anic verses, the Imam said the Qur’an contained the messages from Allah to the prophets and massagers who have all called to the oneness of Allah.
He said the consequences of the refusal of their messengers by the people the prophets and messengers were sent to has been documented by Allah for history
He said anyone who seeks forgiveness from Allah will be granted and further blessed with all things adding that seeking forgiveness should be Muslim’s priority.

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