What would you do if your spouse spent your joint savings on his/her ailing sibling without your consent?


Every marriage has its peculiarities but the issue of joint account by couple has set many unions on the edge for this reason KAYODE ADEOTI sought the opinion of people on what would be their reaction should their partner spend the money without their consent.

Victor Jaiyeoba (Engineer) – She would have to refund the money: It’s wrong for her to do so without my consent. She should be ready to refund the money.

Femi Abolarin (Teacher) – I’d warn her against future occurrence: The deed is done, I can only warn her against future occurrence. I will equally forgive her and make her realise that our family should rather be paramount in her heart not her parents’.

Susan Omokore (Auditor) – It’s no big deal: I won’t do anything since he spent it on his sick sibling. There is no problem about that. But I will let him know that it is his sole responsibility to cater for needs of his siblings and needs of the house must be met.
Kehinde Ademuyiwa (Student) – I’ll be calm about it: I wouldn’t do anything in as much as he didn’t use it for anything stupid. The purpose of money is for spending to meet needs and he has just met one of the needs. Afterall, he is the man.

Morenikeji Adigun (Graduate) – He will have to repay the money: Is he high on weed? Even if he is that shouldn’t push him to spend what belongs to our family on his siblings. He will vomit it. This is our hard earned savings for God sake.

Eniola Badmus (Model) – It is wrong: She should consult me first. That is a breach of family ties. I could allow her to use the money for the purpose but for her to spend it without my consent is wrong. In fact, I can hand her over to the EFCC for prosecution. I’m sorry I don’t joke with money because I work hard to get it. It is our savings but I’m the man here who dictates things.

Timmy Danny (Student) – It is humanitarian service: She should go ahead and spend it. God will reward everyone. I cherish humanitarian service.
Surajudeen Abdulmalik (Civil Servant) – I will pardon her: It is a hard nut to crack. May God help us! I will pardon her for that but I will make her realise that things are not done that way.

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