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Take care of your parents, Badmas tasks Muslims


The Imam of Al ilah mosque, Offa road, Ilorin, Kwara State,  Alhaji Yusuf Badmas has urged Muslims to show kindness  to their parents at all times in order to attract blessings from Allah.

He gave the charge in his sermon at a Jumaat service, saying that there is reward for those who do not neglect their parents.

Badmas said believers mut ensure wellbeing of those whom through they came to the world, advising that children should be made to realise importance of their parents at tender age.

He noted that parents have laboured to cater for their kids, hence the efforts should be reciprocated by their children.

The Imam added that Muslims should also take it upon themselves to pray for their parents whether they are alive or dead.

He pointed out that children who did not take care of their parent till they pass on to the world beyond, would face the wrath of Allah.

“Children should be obedient to their parents and ensure that they are happy at all times, so that they can receive blessings from Allah,” he said.

According to him, “One man went to the prophet and said that he was no longer obligated to his parents since they had passed on.

“The prophet replied that he still has a lot to do. He must  pray for them after death, pray for forgiveness  for them, all the good works they used to do like sadaqat while they are alive  should be done by surviving children.



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