‘Buhari needs you to succeed’ — new SGF tells federal lawmakers


Boss Mustapha, secretary of the government of the federation (SGF), says President Muhammadu Buhari cannot achieve his promises without the national assembly.

Mustapha said this on Monday when he paid a visit to Senate President Bukola Saraki.

He said as SGF he has a responsibility coordinate the implementation of government policies for the good of Nigerians.

The SGF said the constitution is “very explicit” when it comes to the principle of separation of powers and the role of the national assembly is “quite distinct”.

“Mr. President is passionate about the three-pronged approach that he has brought to government. One, to fight for the security of the country and defeat insurgency in every part of this country. Two, to diversify the economy and thirdly, to fight corruption and ensure, in his very common parlance, if we do not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria,” Mustapha said.

“So, it is on this three-pronged approach that he has said that I can tell you that none of this three-pronged approach can be achieved if we do not receive the support of the national assembly particularly now the senate.

“We can’t diversify the economy because that would mean that bills will have to come to the national assembly which will be debated and eventually returned to him for assent. We can’t fight corruption if we do not have an institutional framework which is strengthened in every ramifications to ensure that corruption is dealt with because it is a big menace that has constituted a source of embarrassment to the people of this country and we can’t fight insurgency unless we put apparatuses on ground that in all ramifications requires the support of the national assembly.”

On his part, Saraki said Mustapha’s visit is a new phase of cooperation between the executive and the legislature.

“Your visit truly shows your intention of ensuring that you use your period as SGF to ensure that we truly work together to make Nigeria great. You are very right and I think people like us are not surprised because we know your antecedents,” he said.

“You know that in the presidential system that we are running in this democracy, it is not possible for us to be able to achieve all our goals if the Executive and Legislature do not have – not just an okay relationship – a fantastic and very close relationship.

“And what you have done this afternoon has really brought that closer and I am sure that all my colleagues are going to appreciate that on the floor tomorrow when I communicate this to them.”

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