Lizzy Anjorin speaks on pains of being single


Controversial Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin has revealed what living as a single for her is like in a post she shared on Instagram.

According to her, Single women sleeps alone, pay bills alone, they most times turn to enemies like friend to share their secrets, their pillow is their soul mate and life is pretty terrible for them. She further dished out an advice to married women out there who envy successful single ladies.

Here’s what she wrote; “Don’t envy your single friend bcos she’s more successful than u, dnt fight with your hubby because you want to be single like your friend; you assumed she doing better than you..I pity you, because the bills she’s shoulders alone as a single lady is heavier than container, you are being misled because of her flamboyant life style. Behold, single life is terrible! it’s only meant for ladies with iron heart, believe me it’s worse than hell.


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