Onyeka Onwenu reacts to Aramide’s allegation of being a snub


Coming after she was accused of being a snub by singer, Aramide, Nigerian veteran singer Onyeka Onwenu has debunked the report.

In a recent interview, she claimed being a private person who does not cherish unwarranted publicity.

“I am a shy and private person. Because I insist on living a down to earth life, going to the market, doing the school run and going to places with my children when they were younger, I knew that I had to play down the celebrity lifestyle to a minimum.

“I am a diva on stage or in any situation that calls for it, otherwise, I am just an ordinary person. That simplifies my life and protects my family from unnecessary scrutiny and unwanted attention. My children are not keen on capitalising on their mother’s name. They are intent on making their own. I respect them for that.”

The allegation of being a snub she said: Sometimes, people feel that you are public property just because you are a woman and an entertainer. They feel that they are entitled to talk to you anyhow, touch you, use your services and not pay you.

“I had to devise ways to protect myself. My policy is to only mix with people on a professional basis. I am very formal. I do not joke around and I do not socialise. I also collect all my fees before the show.

“By the same token, I conduct myself in a professional and self-respecting manner. I leave no room for failure to live up to expectations. In fact, I strive to exceed expectations in my performances.

“I must say, however, that this has led to some people labelling me a snub. But I am not. I am indeed shy and very down to earth. I am also confident and self-assured.


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