Investment Opportunity in Kwara State


Growth of Commercial Sector Infrastructure (VII)
Continued from last Monday
ICT services
Most of Nigeria’s main mobile operators have base stations in Kwara State’s major cities and many have started to connect the more rural areas of the state. When the New Nigerian Farmers settled in the state, the current administration collaborated with Globacom to provide mobile services to the farms. Although the arrival of mobile telephony has boosted the state’s economy and created employment, the administration has called on operators to further improve their services. Businesses can subscribe to Internet access through various service providers and Internet cafes are found across the state.
Kwara State is proud of the fact that it is one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria. Although the state hosts a wide variety of people with different religions and cultural heritage, there is a sense of mutual respect among the population.
To further improve security in the state, the administration has recently installed close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the capital Ilorin. New solar-powered street lights have also been introduced to boost security at night.
Water supply
Water supply is one of the major challenges facing all of Nigeria’s rural areas and Kwara State is no exception. While the region has sufficient water resources to meet the needs of the people, many are still not enjoying the benefits of potable water. Historically, water infrastructure such as waterworks, storage reservoirs, pumps stations and distribution networks has been poorly maintained. The current administration has shown its commitment to turning the situation around by rehabilitating waterworks, drilling new hand-pumped boreholes, installing solar-powered mini-motorised boreholes, improving the pipeline distribution network and purchasing water treatment chemicals.
The state government believes water is a major factor in achieving key development objectives especially in the areas of health, education and poverty reduction. It is therefore willing to partner with all stakeholders at national and international levels in meeting this all-important challenge.

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