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Take care of your wives, cleric task Muslims



The Imam of Olarewaju Mosque, Sulu Gambari road, Ilorin, Ustaz Abdulrafiu Abdulkareem has urged Muslims to take care of their wives according to Allah’s injunction which was explained by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the Glorious Qur’an.
AbdulKareem warned that the act of neglecting our wives is Islamically wrong adding that it is not in consonance with the tenets of the religion as a refuge for the women.
He said although, Allah (SAW) made man the head of the family and  gave him dominion, that does not in any way translate to enslavement and neglect.
The Imam said it’s not right for a man to always force his wife against her decision, adding that there should be room for his dialogue on issues that has to do with Islamic and mundane matters to promote love and understanding in the family.
He said just as man don’t have control over some issues over his wife like businesses and profits, he must however fulfil his right on the wife and treat her right always.
“If your wife offend you and you have any cause to punish her, such punishment or discipline should not disturb her peace.
“The right of wife is to obey her husband. Prophet (SAW) said if he has the power to legislates, he will order the wife to bow for her husband but he has not ordered such”
AbdulKareem stressed that man should fear Allah through his wife adding that they should follow the word of Allah to keep their bodies for their husband.
“Man should protect his wife with what he has. Anyone who has the responsibility to protect and defend his wife and die in the process, such person will be blessed and granted Aljanat Firdaos with those who fight in battle for Islam.”

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