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You’ll give account of stewardship on Judgment Day Cleric tells political leaders


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Sultanate Adewole mosque in Ilorin, Kwara State, Sultan Kamaldeen has reminded political office holders that they would give account of their stewardship on the day of reckoning.
In his Juma’at Sermon on Friday, he advised those who emerge at the local government election in the state to ensure good governance.
Kamaludeen urged them to fulfill all the promises they made while seeking people’s mandate for the elective posts, advising that they should not neglect the masses when they get into office.
He implored political leaders irrespective of their posts to govern with the fear of Allah because they would face Him on Judgment Day to give account of their time in office and how it affected the people entrusted in their care.
He advised people of the state not to allow politics to cause division among them, adding that killing and destroying property during and after election is criminal and a sin, which would attract the wrath of Allah.
Kamaludeen, however, tasked Muslim faithful to be prayerful, move closer to Allah and should not go against God in their bid to get positions or acquire wealth.
“Some people in a bid to attain positions and acquire wealth do things which Allah is not pleased with. It is instructive that it is only Allah who can give positions and wealth.”
He further urged Muslims to observe their Solat daily and seek for forgiveness from Allah and refrain from evil deeds.

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