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My most dramatic day in court


Ibrahim Olojoku first obtained Diploma Certificate in law at the University of Sokoto in 2002. He later secured admission for his LL.B at the University of Maiduguri in 2006 and graduated 2010. He thereafter proceeded to Law School and was called to the Nigeria Bar in 2012. After the completion of his NYSC programme in Benin, Edo state, he returned to Ilorin, Kwara state capital to join the chambers of Jawondo & Co. and later A.J Sulu Gambari. He is presently the principal of I.T Olojoku & Co. located in the city. He shares with KAYODE ADEOTI his most daunting moment in court as a legal practitioner. Excerpts:
I can never forget in a hurry, the day I was insulted for lying. On that day, I was sent to court by my boss, Sulu Gambari and when the case was called, I rose to announce my appearance. Afterwards, I informed the court that adjournment is inevitable over the matter because I was not served any process by the defendants.
To my surprise, the judge told me that I must be stupid for denying receiving the process from the defendants. He said the process in the court record indicated that I was the one who received the process. I was amazed and became confused. Meanwhile, before I left office that day, my boss had told we didn’t receive any process concerning the matter, that was the information I relied upon and that made me stood my ground to challenge the court that the process was not received by my office.
He, however, asked the court clerk to show me the court copy, when I saw it, I shivered and I could not respond. I however urged the court to forgive me. Since that day, I learnt to always arm myself with vital information that will help my case.

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