2019: APC will force Buhari to contest – Kalu


Former Governor of Abia State, Orji Kalu has said that come 2019, the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) will force President Buhari to contest.
Kalu who was speaking in Channels Television Programme, ‘Politics Today’ monitored in Ilorin last night said the president has the full right to seek redress by law adding that the party will give him the opportunity to contest.
According to him, the President will contest come 2019 because now has improved health which everybody can see.
Kalu, who recently defected to the APC, premised his reason on the allegation that PDP had looted the country treasury adding that no international body will support the party’s bid to govern the country again.
He further affirmed that APC remains party to beat in 2019 even as he maintained that the party will definitely consider the choice of President Muhammed Buhari for the 2019 race.
According to him, Buhari has over 15million electorate as followers in the country; he has the support of the South-East, and he has done so well for the region though it is marginalised.
“APC will win election in 2019 and PDP will never be able to come back, all international agencies know that our treasure were looted by it, they opened our Central Bank and looted the money. So how can they return, I’m speaking on the point of strength, we are very disappointed on what the former government did.
“Buhari has over 15 million voters and they will follow him. And the South-East will follow him because he has done better than all the Presidents from that region. APC will have lots of candidate running for the Presidency, our president will run because he’s healthy and he has the right to do so, whether he has declared intention is immaterial, though it is not a must but he will, because Nigeria President always run for second time, he may not decide not to run.
“The President is not political and is being advised to be because he’s holding a political office, the president should be more interested in what happened in the party, it is wrong to allow the leader of the party to run it affairs solely, he is equally a leader in the party. He needs to be advised to be a participatory politician.
“He must also be interested in who leaves the party, if I’m in the position, I should have stopped the movement of people leaving the party. Though Atiku is a man of his decision, he left the party based on his discretion”.

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