Emir of Shonga; Example in humility

The Emir of Shonga, Alhaji (Dr.) Haliru Ndanusa Yahaya is an epitome of humility. This he exhibited in great measure before and during the Roundtable on current issues in Nigeria, organised by National Pilot Newspaper and held in Ilorin, Kwara State last Thursday.
He was infectiously humble, in spite of his enormous power, influence and popularity.
The monarch was no doubt pivotal to the success of the event. Despite royalty he decided to trod the path of meekness and simplicity by making contacts with the planning committee on individual and collective basis even while outside the country, towards success of the august ceremony. The Kwara North tradition ruler deplored incredible energy and devotion to ensure success of the occasion as the Chairman of the roundtable. The members of the committee were mesmerised by this sheer display of humility by the first class traditional ruler in the state. Evidently, his support culminated in the successful hosting of the roundtable.
As the moderator of the roundtable, which focused on Economy and Restructuring, the trained medical doctor proved to be an inspirational and influential speaker.  He also brought to bare his wit and sense of humour, which moved and uplift his audiences thus livening up the atmosphere at the venue.
He further earned respect of the audience with his brilliant submissions, which revealed his rich depth of intellectualism. In particular, he offered vision of hope. By all measures, his presence and contributions immensely enriched the outcome of the event and even deepen its future prospects.
In all, the unassuming way in which the monarch conducted himself set him apart as a leadership role model.

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