5 Avoidable mistakes men make because of women


An avoidable mistake is simply one you don’t have to make but sadly, a lot of men make them and only to end up wishing they hadn’t. When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes, most men do not take the right decisions; they just do whatever they think they should, without giving it enough thought. If you’re a man, and you’re reading this, you should be wary of the following mistakes as it may ruin your relationship in the long run.

Don’t try too hard to convince a woman to like you: You can make a woman like you, but you don’t have to try too hard to achieve that. If you’re meant to be, it won’t take too long for you guys to click. If you have to try too hard to impress her, it simply means that she isn’t really yours, and if you keep pestering her, you might just end up irritating her, and earn yourself disrespect; you diminish your ego when you have to beg and beg a woman for love.

Be nice, but do it sensibly: There’s a reason someone came up with that saying, ‘nice guys finish last’. I’m not going to tell you niceness is bad or useless, but it shouldn’t be used as a means of getting a woman to be interested in you. Women  have ditched the nicest of guys for another who doesn’t even have time for them – that’s how most women are built, you can’t buy her love or likeness with all your expensive gifts and money; if she doesn’t care, it won’t make her and if a woman starts to give you attention because you shower her with money and gifts, you should run from her.

It’s not all about looks: Unless you’re looking to have fun, you shouldn’t bother yourself with how hot or sexy a woman is; bother yourself with what the eyes cannot see, because that is where real value comes from and also, do not think you’re good enough simply because you look good, your attitude is everything.

You don’t have to hit her to earn her respect: There are men who think that the only way to get someone to respect you is to inflict them with injuries. It doesn’t work that way, a violent man isn’t really a man; he’s just a weakling trying to get relevance. Women respect men who are caring and responsible. If you have those traits, you would be respected naturally by women and don’t destroy your reputation for a few minutes of madness.

Don’t let a woman control you: You can’t get love by being a woman’s fool. Women don’t like men who they can control easily; they want men who have willpower and a mind of their own, but some guys think they can get love by doing whatever a woman asks of them, sometimes, even to their own discomfort, but then that is not true. It only makes them appear weak, and that is a major turnoff for women”.

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