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6 Ingredients you should never put on your face


You may think everything natural is safe to put on the face but those  ingredients you use to lighten dark spots and reduce acne can backfire in a major way and damage your skin.

Below are some ingredients you should never put on your face.

Alcohol: If your skin is oily, you may think rubbing alcohol can dry out your skin patch but alcohol can strip your skin of essential lipids, protein and fats leaving it weak and prone to inflammation.

Mayonnaise: You may just want to stick to your regular moisturiser as mayonnaise may clog your pores and if your skin is prone to acne, mayonnaise can be a recipe for zits.

Baking soda: “You must have heard that baking soda can help deal with acne but you might just want to skip this ingredient, it can change the pH of the skin and degrade the top layer causing burning and irritation.

Raw eggs: Your friends must have told you to whip up egg white mask to tighten large pores but raw eggs contain salmonella bacteria and ingesting them accidentally can cause food poisoning.

Cinnamon: You may experience irritation and burning when you apply cinnamon on your skin, cinnamon can alter your skin’s pH level which in turn can alter your skin.

Lemon Juice: You may have heard that applying lemon juice can lighten dark spots and reduce acne but lemon is acidic and can alter the pH of your skin, destroying the skin barrier making it inflamed and irritated.

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