D’banj stops performance to rescue fan being sexually assaulted


The Kokomaster, D’banj rescued a female fan that was being sexually assaulted at a concert.

He asked the DJ to stop the music when he noticed the chaos in the crowd.

From the video making rounds on social media, the Koko master asked the DJ to cut the music when he noticed the chaos in the crowd, and hurriedly off to one end of the stage to tongue-lash the men around the assaulted woman, asking why they were acting like animals.

“What nonsense! What kind of barbaric nonsense is that?” said the upset singer, who quickly hopped off the stage and rushed to the side of the woman who laid sprawled on the ground.

She was weeping as security helped her out of the crowd of mostly men.

This sad video is coming at a time the world is rocked daily by stories of people coming out to tell the various assault and rape experiences they endured.

Now D’banj has used his power to speak out for his female fans, while sending a clear message: Such barbaric practice will not be tolerated at his concert.


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