Bobrisky says he is prettier than most Nigerian girls


Nigerian male barbie has revealed details of his beauty to his fans on social media.
According to the bleaching cream expert, he is prettier than most girls in Nigeria.
All that prettiness yet just recently, Bobrisky revealed how his bae slaps and cages him
Nigerian social media famous cross-dresser, Bobrisky has revealed fresh details about his beauty which most people already know he achieved from his premium, expensive bleaching cream products.
Speaking on being pretty, he revealed he is better-looking than most Nigerian women.
Bobrisky shared new photos of himself posing and rocking a white crop top with denim and pointed out to his fans that he is a pretty man and even more than majority of Nigerian women and girls.
In his post, which he shared on his social media page, he said: “Guys, am I not way prettier than 70% girls in Nigeria look at my leg so straight and sexy” Bobrisky reveals I am prettier than 70% of girls in Nigeria
Bobrisky who recently revealed his bae slaps and cages him also went on to inform his fans that he would be visiting his ex lover and will sure be doing romantic things. He said: “sex sure this night, but coming back home this night because of bae.”

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