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Field’s Disease; world rarest ailment


Field’s Disease is considered as one of the rarest diseases as only two people have ever had this disease. It is named after two twins called Catherine and Kristie Fields. Many doctors have studied this disease but it is something that doctors say is so rare that they can’t link it it to any other disease and they don’t know what will happen to the twins. Field’s Disease does no have a Scientific name as doctors don’t have enough information to name it, but how ever the disease is labeled as a Neuromuscular disease, and it is a Genetic disease and is non-infectious.
Doctors have concluded that the twins got the disease when they where born as no one else in the world has ever had this disease.
The disease can be transmitted if the twins have a baby, but it is unlikely as this is a progressive disease.Doctors do not yet Know how long this disease will last
The disease was first noticed by doctors when the twins where about 4 years old.
The Symptoms of this disease are:
– Deteriorating muscles
– Hands Shaking
– Damaged nerves
– Involuntary Muscle movement
This is all caused because of nerve problems and also the slow deterioration of muscle.
Professional doctors from all over the world have researched and done numerous experiments on the twins, but to no avail.
It is unclear what will happen next , but the disease is slowly getting worse as they’re muscle continue to deteriorate. when the twins where 4 the symptoms where hardly seen, but when they turn 9 they needed support like walking sticks and wheel chairs, having trouble doing simple tasks like writing and eating. It appears to get worse each year and there is no cure, so this disease is very deadly to have.

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