12 celebrities who have come out to speak against SARS


Nigerian celebrities have joined the #EndSARS protest on Twitter which started at the weekend.
On Saturday, December 2, 2017, Nigerians took to Twitter to speak on the activities of SARS operatives. Celebrities have spoken about their own experiences as others are calling on the government to clip the wings of these officers.
We bring to you 11 celebrities who have come out to speak against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

1. Olamide: Olamide took to his Twitter page on Sunday, December 3, 2017, where he tweeted about how any man given a gun should be mentally balanced and well oriented.
“#EndSarsBrutality plenty suffer man de face. Guide and protect the people not make life miserable for them due to the pressure that comes with your work or what you going through at home. A man with gun should be mentally balance and well oriented,” he tweeted.

2. Falz: The release of Falz’s “27” album was a big surprise to most. The project packed correctional messages that will serve most useful to the youths.
The rapper who also tweeted concerning the SARS brutality wants everyone to know that the police is not our friend.
“The entire police force needs some serious revamp. SARS are particularly notorious for brutal attacks on innocent youth. The police is not our friend #EndSARS,” he tweeted.

3. Ycee: YCEE is even angrier that the government hasn’t even come out to say anything concerning the brutality of SARS on innocent Nigerians, especially the young ones. In his tweet, he didn’t fail to echo the views of other Nigerians.
“Not one person has come out to speak good of sars yet some people are talking about reform  #EndSARS,” he wrote.

4. Ebuka: Ebuka while speaking against the menace SARS has become tweeted about his near-death experience he had in the hands of the officers back in 2005.
“Can never forget November 2005, driving in Abuja with @sommbonu and @IAMOfem. Stopped by a plain clothes officer with a gun, chased and actually being shot at for being “suspected armed robbers”. Ofem still has the bullet scars on his shoulder. #EndSARS,” he tweeted.

5. Lil Kesh: Lil Kesh also joined the teeming number of youths advocating for the total disbandment of SARS on his Twitter page where he also revealed his own personal experience with SARS.
“I have had my own share of the SARS menace. It is high time this harassment stopped. Our voices must be heard. #EndSARS,” he tweeted.

6. Seyi Law: Seyi Law is of the opinion that SARS should either be reformed or scrapped.
“I was glad, I could help, but what of the many that never got help and will never get. Let’s speak for them now. Reform SARS or scrap SARS. #ENDSARS. Join the conversation. Thanks,” he tweeted.

7. Adekunle Gold: Adekunle Gold like a number of other celebrities also revealed that he has had a personal experience with men of SARS. You can read his story: “I have experienced the brutality from some power drunk #SARS police officials as well. Hoping the govt can act swiftly on this one,” he tweeted.

8. Do2tun: The OAP is of the opinion that SARS and the entire police force should be disbanded and new set of officers should be raised.
“Not only end SARS, end the Police and raise new ones with a higher level of education & IQ. The lack in that area is alarming  #EndSARS,” he tweeted.
9. DJ Spinall: DJ Spinall in his tweet talked about how men of SARS  arrest young people for the most inconsequential reasons.
“Basically, #SARS and most policemen instantly assume you are a fraudster if you re pushing a good car. The treatment is usually worse if you got all boys in the car and hell comes down if ya’all wearing blings or shades. #ENDSARS,” he tweeted.
10. Tjan: TJan is the latest to have shared his harrowing experience in the hands of SARS  officers while travelling for an event with his team.
“Just yesterday on my way back from Ilorin with my team . Luck wasn’t on our side because we met SARS operatives who asked for receipts to a car we hired from Lagos to Ilorin. I was weak. They threatened to shoot my manager for arguing with them      #ENDSARS,” he tweeted.
11.Wizkid: The latest person to add his voice to the #EndSARS protest is music star, Wizkid. He too like other celebrities took to his Twitter page where he aired his own opinion on the trending issue.
12. Simi: “People are not supposed to be afraid of the people that are supposed to be looking after us. A couple of weeks ago, at almost midnight, my friends and I had a gun pointed at us for laughing. For laughing.  #EndSARS #Actually Take Guns Away From Trigger Happy People Who Hide Behind The Uniform!
“Their boss had to talk him down! Pointing a gun at three ladies because of your insecurities is incredibly frightening! Policemen need to be mentally evaluated and checked before being handed guns. And they need to be accountable!! Otherwise, they can get away with anything. #EndSARS.”

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