Adeboye speaks on miracles at RCCG Holy Ghost Congress


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Enoch Adeboye, excited many by devoting the last item on the programme of the second day of the ongoing 2017 Holy Ghost Congress of the church to healing.
He said he had been attending to people after the programme of the first day up till 2 am on Tuesday and had wanted to catch some sleep but God would not let him because He (God) wanted him to pray. At the end of the special congregational prayers with seven prayer points on Tuesday to close the session, when Adeboye asked those who believed they had received the touch of God in their bodies to sing and dance to the altar in praise of God, thousands of people, including some who lifted their clutches to show they no longer needed them, dashed out.
Excited by the work of God, he picked up his tambourine and joined in the singing, a broad smile on his face. The scene was so moving that he asked the band to play for two additional minutes for praise singing and dancing to continue.
He had started his ministration, titled “Victory over sicknesses and diseases,” by correcting the impression that God is preoccupied with the love for the soul and spirit of humans and was less concerned about the body – the third part of individuals.
Citing several Bible passages, he showed that the body is God’s and the temple of the Holy Spirit, so He (God) is concerned about how it is kept.
Explaining that humans’ responsibility to the body is to be careful how they use it, Adeboye stated that the reason many Christians are sick today is that they don’t realise their bodies belong to God.
He reminded the congregation about how the involvement of the body in sinful acts attracts illnesses directly and through spiritual afflictions.
Preparing the congregation for the healing prayers he shared 10 reasons they should believe they would be healed.
”God is able to handle even genetic issues in your family, to heal you from problems you have inherited from your family line. He knew you before you were formed so it doesn’t matter where your problem started from.
”By joining the God’s family, you now belong to another family under His direct care, and where there is no disease.”
He shared a testimony of a lady who was bedwetting for 33 years until she joined the God family.
“A sister once came to us. She said, ‘I am 33 years old, I am married, I have three children but I am still bedwetting.’
”She lived with that horrible secret. Every night she would wake up to find her bed wet. I asked her, ‘But why haven’t you done something about it?’
“And she said, ‘Ah, I have been to many doctors and have spent a fortune, but the problem still remains. But I have made inquiries and discovered that my mother had the same problem; my grandmother had the same problem, all my sisters have the same problem.
”With that I knew it was not an ordinary case. And so I asked her, “What happened? And she responded, ‘I discovered that my great grandmother offended somebody and the fellow pronounced a curse on her family and said every lady born into her family throughout their lives would wet the bed.
”There was a beautiful lady who was not even born when her great grandmother quarrelled with somebody else. But because of a curse that had been pronounced on the family, she was suffering.”
“After surrendering her life to Jesus, we prayed a simple prayer and she left. The following day, she was back excited and said that for the first time in 33 years, she woke up and the bed was dry.”
Earlier, Adeboye announced to the jubilation of the congregation that as at 5pm, 10 babies – seven boys and three girls – had been born at the church’s medical facility at the Redemption Camp.
In attendance that night were several guests from around the world including the Chief Justice of South Africa and his wife, a delegation of 21 from Indonesia. Also, present is a delegation from the Philippines, Northern Ireland; and pastors from Swaziland, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

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