9 Excuses married couples give for cheating


Various researchers have found that infidelity in marriages are on the increase in many parts of the world and many married couples turn to having affair at the slightest instance and there are loads of excuses they always have in store.
Cheating partners tend to build a wall of excuses around them and many even put the blames on their partners. Should there be any reasonable excuse to cheat on a partner you promised to stay committed to for the rest of your life? Here are some common excuses married couples give for cheating:
It’s not what you think: When caught in the act, many cheating partners come up with this silly excuse ‘it’s not what you think,’ cheating is cheating and it’s always what you think it is.
We are not what we used to be anymore: This is another common excuse people give for cheating on their partners, they blame their cheating act on the marriage rather than taking responsibility for their action.
I thought you didn’t have feelings for me anymore: This is another blame game tactic many cheating partners use; they blame their cheating ways on a perceived lack of love from their partner, more often than not, they use this as an excuse to take to having an affair.
You are never at home: They also blame their cheating ways on the fact that their partner is always busy at work but is this really enough reason to break your marriage vows.
I was bored of the marriage: This is also another weak and lame excuse for cheating, there are always ways to spice up your marriage than looking for a shortcut in having an affair.
My emotional needs weren’t met: This is another common excuse many cheating partners pretend to believe, they might be right that their emotional needs weren’t met, but it’s never enough reason to break the trust you swore to your partner and there is always a solution to this, but people prefer the easier option out.
I was sex starved: Sex isn’t the only reason for getting married, even though couples owe each other sexual intimacy. Being left sex starved might be unfair by your partner, but it’s still never enough reason to take to cheating.
You didn’t give me enough attention: Okay, you weren’t getting enough attention and thought it best to take to cheating – that’s wrong, seek for understanding and look for ways to make your marriage vibrant.
It just happened so fast: Sex with another person other than your partner never happens so fast, it is usually conceived, thought about, lusted after before being executed but sex never happens so fast.

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