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Not Christmas as usual


I’m dreaming of the white Christmas just like the ones I used to know…may all your Christmases be bright.
The above is lyrics of a Christmas carol, which depicts the  cheers, happiness and magical moments that comes with yuletide.
Growing up I looked forward to Christmas. Weeks before the celebration, everywhere would be agog with fun activities and the signs of the season visible all around. There was an indescribable distinct scent that pervade the atmosphere at this period that gave a tingling feeling of excitement. Shopping for Christmas was one of the highlights of the celebration. Many places wore new look in preparation for the Christmas. Most of the structures were well decorated giving glowing beauty.
The hustle and bustle at various markets particularly in Ilorin, the state capital would have heightened at this time, with traders making brisk business and smiling to the banks. There were small businesses that retail food items, clothes, fashion accessories, decorative household items and gifts  benefit hugely from this annual sales surge.
But all these have remained in the past as Christmas celebration in recent years seemed to have lost its lustre and this year promise not to be different. What stares us in the face is a grim celebration, no thanks to the prevailing economic situation in the country. The prices of food items have skyrocketed and parents cannot afford to get their children new clothes for the celebration. The kids cannot look forward to receiving gifts on the special day. They no longer visit Father Christmas grotto or fun places because their parents are financially constraint
The fuel scarcity across the country, Kwara inclusive is biting hard and making life unbearable for ordinary Nigerians.
The joy of the season seem to be fast eluding families and they can only dream of bright, white Christmas and not experience it.
From all indication, most homes would have to do without chicken for Christmas. The merry may be absent from the celebration this year.
We, however, long to hear the jingling bells of Christmas and the colourful scenery of Christmas.

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