6 Ways to make 2018 your best marriage year


Our relationships are the most important parts of our lives, so the healthier our relationships become, the healthier our lives will become

Most of our New Year’s resolutions fail, because a goal without a disciplined plan is just wishful thinking.

If you want 2018 to be your BEST year of marriage yet, then it will require changing some habits. Improving your marriage has the potential to improve every other aspect of your life as a result.

For the sake of your marriage, please COMMIT to all of these! When we’re committed to something, we make a way, when we aren’t, we make an excuse.

  1. Create some shared goals.

The New Year is usually marked by individual goals, but it’s rewarding to work towards shared goals in partnership with your spouse. The shared encouragement and accountability can also make success more likely than when we do it on our own. Sit down together and create some BIG goals for the new year.

  1. Plan some celebrations.

Once you’ve made your shared goals, plan ahead what you’ll do to celebrate once the goal is reached. This will give you something new to look forward to.

  1. Plan at least one getaway together without kids (out of town).

The year is wide open so get the calendar out and mark a getaway for you and your spouse with no kids. You can figure out the logistics later. Make it happen. It will give you something to look forward to and it will create some great new memories together. The out of town trip could be a “celebration” to make the achievement of one of your shared goals.

  1. Have more sex.

It takes more than sex to build a great marriage, but it’s nearly impossible to build a great marriage without it! Build more intimacy with your spouse both inside and outside the bedroom!

  1. Grow in your faith together.

Marriages are believed to be built on a foundation of faith. The more you love God, the capacity you will have to love each other.

  1. Laugh more.

Laughing more may sound like a silly resolution, but it’s a very serious one. Laugher infuses your marriage with joy. Find activities that bring about more laughter and fun and be intentional about doing them more often this year.

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