Recall: Rafiu Ibrahim not threatened by faceless group – APC Senitorial Leader


The Kwara South Senatorial district chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), yesterday defended Senator Rafiu Ibrahim recall even as it said such move was not a threat to him.

The party said those behind the issue under the auspices of “Kwara South Unity Forum”, cannot represent the wishes and meet expectations ?of the people of Kwara South.

He added that they were “unknown and faceless”.

During an emergency press conference at the party’s zonal secretariat in Ajase-Ipo, Irepodun Local Government of Kwara State weekend, the Senatorial Chairman of the party, Alhaji Jimoh Balogun, maintained that those seeking recall of the legislator were being sponsored by “some forces”, he did not name.

Balogun who maintained that the Kwara South APC was neither enmeshed in internal wrangling nor divided, said the party was in full support of the legislator.

He said the proponents of the recall were only acting the script of their paymasters and dancing to the gallery, adding that the senator had endeared himself to the heart of the people he represents through developmental projects.

Senator Ibrahim, who chairs the Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance and Other Financial Institutions, is representing Kwara South Senatorial District in the upper chamber of the National Assembly.

Those seeking his recall accused him of some infractions, including kneeling for the President of the Senate, taking directive from external body and non-performance.

But the Kwara ?South APC Chairman said the campaigners were unknown, saying the performance of Senator Ibrahim had surpassed those achieved by his predecessors within the last two and half years of his representation.

On the allegation he knelt for the President of the Senate, Balogun noted that the legislator only showed some level of respect, which was termed as kneeling. He added that the Senator was well known for his humility.

“Senator Rafiu Ibrahim does not feel threatened with the recall process by certain faceless group, because he knows he has done the best he can do and leave the rest for God to judge”, Balogun said.

“It is very important to react proactively to the purported recall process of the senator

“I have received lots of calls and enquiries from various media houses, agents and individuals on this issue and it is my pleasure that we can answer all those questions and enquiries here today. We hope that by this press conference, we shall be putting to rest the illogical reasoning of the faceless group called Kwara South Unity Forum.

“Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, both in public and private life, but most importantly, the last few years of his sojourn in politics, have been adorned with accolades as expected of a true democrat and representative of the people of Kwara South Senatorial District.

“He has developed the art of inclusive participation that every community and individual of Kwara South origin are tuned towards progressive development. His openness and accessibility are affirmed by everyone”, the zonal APC chairman said.

The conference was attended by party chairmen from Ifelodun, Offa, Oyun, Oke-Ero, Irepodun, Ekiti, Isin local government areas.


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