Good sex more valuable than money, says  Soti


Placing ultimate value on money, riches and wealth as criteria for marriage is no longer frowned at the world over. No wonder young ladies of marriageable age now look out for rich suitors, either young or old to settle down with in marriage, irrespective of how he must have come about his wealth.

Overtime, many of such ladies later wake up to the bitter but late reality of their hasty and materialistic decision, wishing they had put the horse before the cart rather than the other way round.

Such is not the case with delectable afro-pop singer, Sotonye Jane Pepple, otherwise known by her stage name ‘Soti’.

The budding singer who is signed to Effizzy Music just like self styled ‘Mama Africa’, Yemi Alade, strongly believes that in any marriage, good sex should have the upper hand over money, because without it ultimate happiness and marriage fulfillment would be a mirage.

In a one on one with Potpourri, she explained why she strongly believes sex is of more value than money in marriage.

“In marriage, sex is very important because it is one of the key factors to a genuinely happy married life and it is also important for procreation too. So, I would pick sex over money”, she mused.

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