A male fan once lifted me on the street of London – Lilian Bach

Beautiful Nollywood actress has recouinted one of her embarrassing moments with her male fans.
In an interview, the thespian, who  said she has had many unpleasant encounters with her fans, recalled that a stranger once lifed her up in public while she was on vacation in London.
“Generally, some fans want a piece of you. What I mean is they just want to sit beside you, hold you, you know, have a feel of you, not that they want anything else.
“I have had one or two come to hug me on the road. This had happened a number of times in London. A guy once lifted me surprisingly into the air on the street. I was so embarrassed. He apologised, of course. He told me he didn’t expect to see me on a street in London. I was afraid. What if he had lifted me and I suddenly landed on my back and had my spinal cord broken?”

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