Bombshell: My ex-hubby is Gay – Daddy Freeze Fiancé

Benedicta Elechi who is currently in a romantic relationship with Nigeria radio presenter Daddy Freeze has said the reason she had to divorce her ex-husband after 10 years of marriage.
She said, “when in a marriage you always fear losing your man to another woman but in my case I was already losing him to another man.
We were married for 10 good year and I can remember very well that we had “it” only 11 times.
It was annoying and very disappointing when I came back to see my husband in our sitting room having “it” with another man, so I had to file for a divorce.
The ex husband of Benedicta is the executive general manager of Human Resource at oil and gas industry.

…go wash your brain – Samklef

Nigeria musician Samklef has been in a hit up conversation with daddy freeze on social media for some times now.
The beef started on Sunday 14th January 2018 when Samklef accused daddy freeze of preaching hate.
Ever since then, the two have been in a battle of words. Samklef have been told that is career is dead by daddy freeze.
“Daddy freeze Aka daddy faggot said my career is dead. I laugh Noni. So is that what a yoyo that condemns other men of God is supposed to be teaching? Using fake account to comment and preach hate……brozay go wash ur brain, you be my boi noni,” Samklef tweeted.
This is getting more serious than I had thought.

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