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Ensuring a crime free society in 2018 (II)


With Saliu Woru Moahhed

The motto on the nation’s emblem conveys unity and faith, peace and progress. Our nation has diversity in religion, tribe and languages; therefore, one of the key yardsticks in measuring meaningful adherent of a nation is loyalty, there cannot be any meaningful achievement unless a nation is crime-free and to achieve a crime-free society, loyalty to the nation became a necessity, the teaching of this word loyalty is very important and cannot be waved-off.
If a crime-free society is to be achieved, it must start from our homes. Loyalty can be seen in different perspectives; words like realisation, trustworthiness, peace, progress and faith are all agents of loyalty and work towards achieving progress of any society.
The need to be loyal to our government, constituted authorities cannot be over-emphasised. Loyalty is not complete without total submission to constituted authorities; it is required to bring about the desired crime-free society. It is required to enable the government to transform the nation to the next level. Perhaps, if people residing in notable troublesome parts of our country have demonstrated enough loyalty to the nation, the case of Boko Haram, kidnapping or incidences of Fulani Herdsmen could have reduced drastically in their area of domicile. If the inhabitants muster courage by exposing the hoodlums, particularly the evil doers in their midst to the government; since criminals live and dine within the society. Our immediate boss in our office where we contribute our quota to the development of our nation deserves our loyalty. The collective loyalty which we always display in football match and other games must always be accorded to our leaders.
As we are now in the New Year, there is a word for all and sundry to restrain themselves in engaging in any act of criminality as crime does not pay.
In this direction, parents are advised to prevail on their children and wards not to allow themselves to be used by persons or group of persons in destabilising the prevailing peace and harmony in the state.
Likewise, traditional rulers, religious and communities leaders are urged to ensure that peace and harmony prevails among various communities in their area of domiciles.
The Kwara State Government should continue in the tradition of excellence so that all electorates will enjoy the dividends of democracy while the teachers and lecturers from various secondary schools and higher institutions are warned not to engage in cultism, violence demonstration, examination malpractices, etc in the New Year.
Perhaps, there is no shortcut to success in life, but only through hardwork and obedience to the constituted authority. In the New Year, drivers should drive with care so as to save lives of the travellers. Traders should engage in legal business and to avoid any act of criminality as our 2018 New Year resolution to ensure “Crime Free Society.” Concluded

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