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In continuation of my recent discussions with you over activities of the vigilante group in crime prevention and detection in the society; it suffice to add that vigilante groups while on night patrol are advised to pay more attention to the areas of their domicile, thus, leaving their areas of patrol (beat) as earlier agreed and approved by the police is dangerous and risky unless there is reasonable cause for doing so. It is also risky and dangerous for single person vigilante in the group to take the dangerous risk of patrol, hence it is better to carry out night patrol in groups.
For the avoidance of doubt, vigilante groups bearing fire arms are required by law to obtain fire-arms license from the appropriate authority, to do otherwise could amount to an infringement on the law. The approving authority to bear dane guns (fire-arms) rest on the local government council while the authority to bear single or double barrel gun rests on the police, i.e. The inspector general of police or his representative in the state police command. No person or group of persons is authorised to carry fire-arms with expired license. Therefore, you are expected by law to always renew your fire-arms license as soon as its tenure expired.
Another important thing to note is that fire-arms license is not transferable; hence, no one is authorised by law to use another person’s license, doing so is tantamount to be in possession of fire-arms without license and abetment of commission of a crime by holder who illegally transfers such license. You are therefore required to inform the nearest police station if a holder of fire-arm license has passed on and to make frantic efforts to surrender the fire-arm(s) to the appropriate authority accordingly.
In the same vein, the fire-arms licensed holders (owners) are required by law not to keep a loaded gun carelessly at home, office or even in their vehicle and children must not be allowed to have access to fire-arms including an unlicensed person. If however by fault or default you allow a child or an unlicensed person to have access to use the fire-arms either to injure himself or any other person, you may be facing the risk of arrest by the police for criminal negligence and made to face the full wrath of law in court. You are therefore advised to always take proper care of your fire-arms as prescribed by law.
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