Grace Amah says most new Nollywood actors, disrespectful


Nollywood Actress, Grace Amah has said that most of the new Nollywood actors are disrespectful.
During an interview with Broadway TV, Amah was asked about an earlier interview where she had said that most young Nollywood actors are disrespectful and don’t say hello to their seniors.
The actress repeated her statement, maintaining that majority of the younger actors are disrespectful and sometimes, unprofessional.
“Yes, I still maintain that. I’m just going to be fair to those who have that respect, but majority of them don’t even care if you are an older actor or you just came in yesterday. They just see you as an actor and that is it,” she said.
“But in a culture where we are Nigerians and Africans, we should be able to respect those who were there before us and our senior colleagues.”
Ama added that she always arrives movie location on time, not minding that she is an old actor.
“But the new actors, they stroll in whenever they feel they should stroll in. Maybe because they tend to have the support of the producer or director on their side.”
But I feel that as a professional, you should be able to act as one – when there is a call time, you get there on time. And some of them just stroll in at the time they want to stroll in and they expect that they should be attended to immediately.
So I think the disrespect still exists in recent times.”
Grace Amah made her acting debut as a 13year old character in the movie “Chains.”  The actress who took a break from acting, made a return to the movie industry in 2014.
She is known for movies such as “Elastic Limit,” “Last Wedding” and “Day of Atonement.”

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