Every guy’s guide to using pomade


As a kid, chances are you have seen a can of cream that looks like a big tub of Crisco or Vaseline known as pomade that your mother insists on rubbing on your hair. There is nothing like the bright, colorful gel you were already using to keep your hairs in place.
You are definitely not the only man to have an off-putting early experience with the sometimes slick, sometimes sticky stuff known as pomade.
It can be so difficult to sometimes get the sticky pomade out of your hair but now that you are a grown, well-dressed, incredibly handsome and super modest man about town, you may find it difficult to stay off pomade.
Why would you use Pomade?
Firstly, because your mum used it on you as a kid. If it was good enough then, it’s good enough now.
And despite what you might have heard, pomade is one of the best things you can put in your hair. No, it’s not going to make your hair fall out and on the contrary, it is going to make you look handsome and sexy.
Types of Pomade
There might be a lot more, but so far, there are four basic types:
Petroleum: which is known as “grease,” us perhaps the oldest there is. You are sort of sticking Vaseline in your hair, but that’s actually pretty good for its health.
Water: This stuff is all the rage, but it’s kind of terrible for your hair, because it strips it off all its natural oils. stripping all the natural oils out. Grease up your hair, then get in the shower and throw on some water-based pomade. The grease is gone.
Clay: Clay is a nice alternative for guys who don’t want to grease up, but don’t like the water-based stuff. It provides a decent hold but doesn’t give that much shine.
Wax: Stiff and hard to work with, but your most healthy option. Gives great hold and shine.
How to use Pomade?
Virtually every guy hates pomade because when they grab a handful and stuck it in the front of their hair, it takes ages for them to get it out.
There is a need for you to get used to this fact as it has become part of your hair now. You can however use it sparingly. The biggest mistake guys make is sticking it up front.
You need to work it in starting at the back until your hair is greased up. Then you use whatever’s left on your hands to hit the front.
What you should avoid
Stop sticking it on front first and don’t use too much. Its a range of different pomades out there, there are good ones and not so good ones. Try a pomade after a lather, rinse and repeat to make sure you got the one from yesterday out of your hair.
The type of pomade that is best for you will naturally depend on your hair and taste preferences. Go for what you think is most ideal and glow in all its glory.

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