‘I prefer my husband cheat on me with human than sex toy’


Popular Yoruba actress Bukola Olatunji also known as Arugba has shared her opinion concerning the sex doll which has been trending for long online.
According to her, it is wrong for a human to have sex with inanimate things, a sex doll isn’t human and it is odd for one to get sexual satisfaction from a mannequin.
Bukola who maintained that she is a private person, who doesn’t enjoy sharing her personal life but concerned with the whole craze for the sex doll and can’t ignore the wave on it.
In her chat with Potpourri she revealed she wouldn’t want her man to cheat on her but if she ends up with a man who has a cheating gene in his blood, she would prefer he cheats on her with a real human other than a sex doll.
She said: “I never wished for a man that will cheat on me when I get married but if I end up with one with cheating genes in his blood, I would prefer him to cheat on me with a human being than with an object. The reason is simple, it is just inhuman to have sex with an object. Sex dolls are inanimate objects, as far as I am concerned.”

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