900m people risk hearing loss by 2050 – WHO


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that some 900 million people could suffer from disabling hearing loss across the world by 2050.
The organisation called on relevant institutions, including governments and their partners to stem the rise in the disabling hearing loss.
The new estimates were released on the occasion of World Hearing Day marked on March 3.
“The governments and their partners should integrate ear and hearing care into primary health care systems as part of universal health coverage.
“They should raise awareness among the public about the prevention of hearing loss.
“Ensure services to treat hearing loss, including access to assistive technologies and communication services, and train hearing care professionals.
“Regulate sound exposure on personal audio devices and in entertainment venues and workplaces, and empower people with hearing loss to overcome stigma and discrimination,” the report read in part.
It stated that currently, 466 million people worldwide suffer from disabling hearing loss, 34 million of whom are children; this was up from 360 million people five years ago.
“The main reasons for this increase is a growing ageing population and the persistence of risks such as ear and vaccine-preventable infections like measles, mumps and rubella.

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