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“Shun womanising, alcohol to avert Allah’s wrath”

By Ahmed Suleiman

Muslims have been admonished to be steadfast, hold firmly to Allah’s (SWT) precept and shun any act not part of Islamic doctrines even while they have been advised to worship no other deity except The Creator.
Imam Al-Ameen Abdulkodir gave the admonition at his Friday sermon (khutbah) held at Sheik Abdullah bin Zaid Mosque, Olohunsogo, Ilorin shortly before the traditional two Rakat payer.
He stated that there is no hard and fast rule to receiving the blessings and mercies of Allah when one complies with his commandments.
“Muslims should distant themselves from acts that will take them far away from the Deen. Shirk is what can take Muslims away from doing what is expected and lift a Muslim into what God abhors in its totality.
“Everyone should be steadfast in his or her doing and hold on to the rope of the Deen. No matter who you think you are, Allah (SWT) does not take lightly what is appalling such as worshipping idols, womanising, and drinking of alcohol among other vices,” he said.
Imam Abdulkodir further stressed that every Muslim should help themselves in whatever way they can help in as much as it is not against what Allah (SWT) frowns at. He also belaboured the need for Muslims to always observe their Five daily prayers adding that it is paramount to every Ummah to do so.
“These days some people are reluctant to help themselves due to the situation of the country. However, that should not stop people from helping those who are in need of help. If it is not against Islamic ruling one should do good always.
“That is why Muslims need to always observe their Five daily prayers. Parents should also make sure that their children pray as well. They (children) are the future and we need to bring them up in a way that will uplift them to pray even when the parents are not around, the children will go and observe salat,” he stated.
The cleric also decried the spate at which Muslims involve in idolatry activities because they want to get rich adding that only Allah grants wealth. He equally admonished them to seek Allah’s counsel in all their affairs rather than going to soothsayers for protection, wealth and health.
Truthfulness is a rare commodity these days. So many people don’t want the truth. They’re happy in their comfort zone. They’re willing to tolerate all kinds of lies and wouldn’t do anything to change it. Remember, we will be answerable to the Almighty when the time comes!  – ISLAMIC FREEDOM

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