My son had premonition, says father of man crushed to death in Ilorin


By Ahmed Ajikobi

Ahmadu Abdulganiyu, the father of a 28-year-old Mustapha Abdulganiyu who was last Wednesday crushed to death by a 7Up truck at Geri-Alimi area of Ilorin, said his son may have had feeling he was going to die judging by the way he related with relatives and neighbours, few hours to the sad incident.
Mustapha and a colleague were passengers on a commercial motorcycle which was heading towards Sawmill from Airport area of Ilorin when the accident happened around 7:30pm.
A 7up truck at Geri-Alimi, without prior notice was said to be receding and in an attempt to escape being hit by the long vehicle, Mustapha reportedly jumped from the motorcycle but fell and was crushed to death by the trailer while his friend sustained injuries.
Speaking last weekend, on the last moments of his son, at the family residence located at Airport area, Ilorin, Ahmadu who is yet to get over the shock, said his son asked around the neighbourhood whether he was owing anyone money.
“I was told he (Mustapha) was asking everyone whether he owed them money or not and he paid all his creditors before he finally met with his death,” the bereaved father divulged.
Speaking further, he said he heard the news of the passing of his son around 11pm on Wednesday.
“I was already sleeping when I heard people knocking on my door. Initially I was scared to open the door but when I finally did, I was told my son was involved in an accident and that he has been hospitalised.
“On getting to the hospital, I met the lifeless body of Mustapha. His death is still a shock to me. He is God fearing and never fought anyone.”
According to Ahmadu, the deceased visited him penultimate Friday, “he promised to return on Wednesday to give me some money after I told him about my financial challenges.
“He didn’t show up as promised may be because he was busy but to my surprise, I never knew he was going to die same Wednesday.
“I was told he was coming from a site where he went to work as Aluminium window and doors technician. He forgot the boxers (pants) he bought, so he asked the motorcyclist to turn back at Gerin-Alimi and in the process, he met his untimely death,” he lamented.
Speaking on the virtues of the deceased, Ahmadu said his son impacted the lives of his friends reason few of them travelled the distance from Malaysia to commiserate with the family after the unfortunate incident.
On his regrets, the father said, his son was about gaining admission into a tertiary institution after leaving Secondary School in 2008 for apprenticeship in Aluminium.
“I also told my son to get married but he said if he did he will no longer be able to take care of our needs (his parents) like he is doing presently.”

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