Fashion rules men are allowed to break


There are some fashion rules that have been around for so long that they have somewhat become dogmas that men find it incredibly difficult to stray from.

The Black and Navy Rule

The rule and conventional wisdom that has held true for long has been not to wear black and navy together because of the immense similarity between both colours and the fact that they cancel out each other.
On the contrary however, you can try wearing a bomber jacket or navy suit with black trousers or jeans to match and create an interesting ensemble. Also, you can wear a sharp black shirt with dark navy pants for a look that will turn heads.

To Unbutton or Overbutton your Suit Jacket?

The style etiquette that has held true for long has been to always button your top suit button, sometimes button the second and never the third. But this rule is gradually been thrown to the dustbin of history as fashion runways now see models all buttoned up.
It however depends on the way it looks on you and you should have it at the back of your mind that you’d need to unbutton your jacket when you take a seat.
You should button some while you stand and walk to prevent your open jacket from flapping around aimlessly.

The Belt and Shoes Rule

A long standing rule regarding belts and shoes is that they must match, meaning if you’re using a black belt, your shoes should be black.
While this rule still holds true, you don’t have to match the colours in exactly the same hues.
You can try a coloured belt that comes as ruby or crimson with reddish brown shoes. You can also match your shoes with a patterned or striped shirts that comes in darker reds. Also, a walnut-coloured belt with darker brown shoes is a good combination too.

Wearing Shoes Without Socks

This look is perhaps the most popular one among people willing to break fashion rules. If you think you can pull it off, try it out since the dry and warm season is here.
If you can rock the look, try wearing a suit with sharp dress shoes and no socks. This look may not be acceptable for long but you can always be daring while it is. You should however make sure your trousers are the right length.
This will enable you show off only a part of your ankle and not hair that won’t be appealing to the eyes.

Wearing Sneakers and Suit

If you must wear sneakers and suit, be sure that your sneakers are expensive ones as they may undermine your entire look. You can choose a pair of cool designer or structured sneakers to add a bit of vibe to your outfit. You can as such match the business and party look, all in one appearance.
While you may not want to attend a very serious business meeting in this outfit, you can rock it to a casual work environments. It will usually look great and appropriate in such settings by giving you a real edge look.
More so, bold coloured sneakers that come in red and green can light up your suit especially if the colour blends in well with your shirt or tie.

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