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My most dramatic day in court


John Dada Mayokun secured admission to read law at the University of Ilorin, the Kwara State capital in 2003 and eventually graduated in 2007. That same year, he proceeded to Law School and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2008. Upon completion of his NYSC programme in 2008, he went back to the same institution for his LL.M which he completed in 2012. Since then, he went into active practise with Ronke Adeyemi, a law firm in Ilorin, the state capital till 2016 when he resigned to establish John Dada Mayokun & Co. He however shares with KAYODE ADEOTI his most daunting day in court since he has started practising. Excepts:
In my short law practice, I’ve had series of experiences but the one that is apposite to me happened before a particular judge I will not want to mention his name. On this fateful day,  I was to withdraw my case. Then, I informed the court that I have the instruction of my client to withdraw the case. I also told him that I’ve discussed it with counsel at the opposing side. The judge in his response said I can go ahead that he did not have any issue with it but he immediately reversed his decision and asked, ‘why don’t you file notice of withdrawal? He further directed me to read portion of the law that addresses withdrawal of cases. After I have opened it, I read that ‘You shall file a notice of withdrawal…’ Afterwards, I told the court that the word shall is not direct nor does it meant compulsion in all cases.
It was as if I did something out of this world, the judge dropped his pen and started abusing me, saying that I was not a good lawyer, I was mischievous; I prostrated, begging even as I was looking around in amazement. At the end of the day, he said I should go and file the notice. Since my matter before him has ended, I asked if I may leave the court. I didn’t know my demand could further fuel his anger, he started cursing me and ordered me never to leave the court. For like two hours afterwards, I was seated. This however made me decided not to appear before him again until late last year.

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