Police stray bullet kills 16-yr-old student


A stray bullet from the rifle of a policeman has killed Emmanuel Chukwu in Lagos State.
According to Chukwu’s family, Emmanuel was reportedly killed by a policeman over the weekend.
Emmanuel, 16, a student of Randle Secondary School, Apapa, whose parents hail from Ebonyi State, was said to have been hit by a stray bullet shot by one of the policemen attached to Badia Police Station during a fracas.
The deceased, the third in a family of five, was said to be standing in front of their residence at 7, Fadaini Street, Ijora Badia when the stray bullet hit him around 8am on Sunday.
The policemen were said to be trying to repel some youths who stormed the police station to demand the release of a suspected child kidnapper rescued from them.
According to sources, the youth had apprehended a woman who kidnapped a five-year-old girl at Giwa Street and attempted to lynch her.
She was said to have been rescued by the policemen and taken to the station for protection, an act said to have infuriated the youth.
They were said to have mobilised themselves and threatened to attack the station, hauling stones at the policemen.
The mother of the deceased, Ijeoma Chukwu, confirmed the incident.
Ijeoma said: “My son was with me in the room sleeping when we heard the noise of people shouting about a woman that kidnapped a baby.
“He immediately rushed out to the front of our house, while I went to the backyard to wash plates.
“Not quite few minutes, neighbours just rushed in to tell me that my son had been killed by police.
“I immediately rushed out and saw the police carrying the corpse to the station and ran after them.
“On getting to the station, I told them I am the mother of the boy that they should allow me see him.
“They refused and threatened to shoot me if I don’t leave the place.
“I cried profusely but they didn’t listen to me until they took the corpse to the mortuary.
“My husband has travelled home for burial and his brothers have informed him.”

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