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My most dramatic day in court


Temim Aishat Omotayo had her LL.B at the University of Ilorin, Kwara state in 2010, afterwards, she proceeded to Kano Law School and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2012. Upon the completion of her NYSC programme in 2012, she joined chambers of the current NBA chairman, Issa Manzuma’s in 2014. Omotayo shares her most dramatic experience in court with KAYODE ADEOTI. Excerpts:
A case was reported at the FIDA house, (International Federation of Women Lawyers), being a body that fights against maltreatment of women and young ones, we took it up and I played a major role. Aishat, the victim in the case had complained that she was forcefully married to her husband and that whenever he wants to have sex with her, he beats her to a stupor and tied her to the bed. She showed us injuries inflicted on her to confirm this.
However, she sued for divorce at the Upper Area court. When the husband plea was taken, he denied… On the hearing day, about 18 of Aishat family members, including her father, the petitioner, stormed the court threatening that they will beat me up including other FIDA members, for taking up the matter. They were pointing at me that I was the one who instigated her to leave her husband’s house.
I felt I couldn’t trade words with them over the allegation because they were not educated. When we were about to leave the court, the 17 of them were standing by the court gate ready to unleash terror, I had to run to the judge who provided four court guards to escort us to the FIDA house and to the NBA chairman who appealed to them in NUPE language.
They left but further threatened that in seven days, I will lose a child. And I replied that by God’s grace the curse will not come to pass, and I thank God, my prayer was answered.

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