Who is the best kisser between Oshiomhole, Tibubu, Saraki and Ajumobi?


Some Nigerian politicians are as romantic as any other individual. As tied up as they are with political matters, they still find time to express love for their spouses. Some Nigerian politicians have been spotted sharing kisses with their wives in public. Take a look at some of the romantic Nigerian politicians, who have been spotted in recent times kissing their wives and determine who the best kisser is.

Adetunji Aderohunmu Dexterous RamRoy

Yeepa! Are these guys woodpeckers? Dis kain kiss fit leave the women lipless o. Chei! On a more serious note, Oshiomhole, Jagaban and Saraki don’t have business with kissing, they can zombify any woman they hit with that their sharp beaks.

Doofan Abu-Amali 

Osho wife looked like she was been forced. Ajimobis’ the best with wife followed by Saraki the rest ehn

John Bello Ajimobi …

meanwhile does Saraki’s own taste like agbo? Why is his face like that

Abdul Jimoh 

Clearly Ajimobis! The jaws are so relaxed and they look the part without any awkwardness. So effortlessly. I score them 98%, ogbologbo ni uncle constituted authority and mummy oyinbo (this uncle constituted authority is a man of the world, ditto mulatto mummy)!

John Bello

Oshiomole should just give it up! He came, he saw but couldn’t conquer

Oluwatosin Otitoju 

Hmn! Na just dat Oshiomole own dey pain me. Oshiomole need make boys show am how to handle dat kin business. Poor woman.

Deronke Eunice Abebi

All of them are fake kissers. Doing their mouths as if they are kissing a frog. But Ajimobi and wife got my vote sha

Oguntayo Olasubomi

Did anyone notice that disdainful look on Oshiomole’s wife face

Michael Ojo 

…and the worst is Oshiomhole.

Fatimah Abubakar Abdullahi

Asabe why you dey find war? Make we ask their wives but i take TINUBU!

Olugbenga Morakinyo

Unbelievable, so these powerful n notable Lords have time for kissing, am sorry for you married men and women who are running away from each other, henceforth, I decree that you PAKURUMO DADA………pls find your first love, locate it and settle your dif…

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