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Christians charged on self discipline

By Mike Adeyemi

The Senior Pastor of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), Osere, Ilorin, Revd. Steve Fatoye has charged Christians in Nigeria to be self disciplined as immorality is fast becoming a norm,
Reading from 1st Corinthians Chapter 9 vs. 24-27, the clergyman stated that people are becoming rebellious towards the word of God.
“Lack of self discipline is the root of our problem today in Nigeria. It is equally saddening that act of indiscipline is even much perpetrated in the modern churches. No wonder the Bible said my judgement will start from the church,” Fatoye noted.
According to the man of God, an immoral society is a reflection of the home, adding that most parents have neglected their responsibilities towards their wards.
He said people no longer have regards for good virtues including pastors and church leaders.
“If you eat without modest, it is indiscipline. Undue dressing is tantamount to act of indiscipline”, Fatoye explained.
He said God wants Christians to be holy, just  as he advised Christians to keep good company, quoting the Proverbs 27 verses 17 that said “iron sharpens iron.”
Fatoye, however, asked members of the congregation to place themselves on a litmus test of 14 principles which could boost their spirituality and moral life.

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