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Danjuma’s utterance will encourage arms proliferation – Imam Pakata

By Ahmed Ajikobi

Imam of Agaka Mosque, Asa Dam road, Ilorin, Sheikh Yusuf Murtadoh Pakata (Olopoewa) has cautioned leaders in the country to desist from making utterances that can further compromise and aggravate the already poor security situation in the country.
The Imam, who condemned the charge of Gen Theophilus Danjuma (retd) calling on Nigerians to defend themselves against the Nigerian Army and emphasised that such call is not befitting of his position in the country as an elder statesman.
He added that such statement can only negatively impact on the security situation in the country and encourage proliferation of arms.
This was the thrust of his Friday’s sermon (Khutbah) to herald the traditional two rakat congregational prayers, adding that what should ordinarily be considered as solution should not have the potential to breed worse security lapses.
He further described Danjuma’s statement as unwelcome, stressing that this is a bad signal that can cause disorderliness in the society since our individual differences and temperament varies from individuals.
He added that if the ordinary citizens take to such advice, the entire country’s citizens that are already going through much security issue and insurgency will be affected.
“People have different temperament. By the time everybody takes to arms in the light of self defence, the end result will be a sad narrative for all of us.
“We can’t say because of the insecurity challenges Nigeria is facing and because the security agencies have not been able to completely solve it, we should now resort to defending ourselves”, he added.
He advised the Ffederal Government to investigate and remove the bad eggs among the security agencies.
He encouraged all Muslims to focus on good deeds and forget any worldly act that can lead them astray.

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