I’m still a virgin at 25, Nollywood actress declares

Budding actress Crowncy Anyanwu has declared she is still a virgin.
Crowncy made this known in an interview, stating that she does not care if no one believes her.
She declared that she has not been in any relationship and has such been celibate.
“I am still a virgin. It may be hard to believe but that’s the truth. Most people out there think virgins are hard to find in Nollywood. That’s why it may be hard to believe, but then, I am still a virgin at 25. I’m a proof.”
“Boyfriends can wait, my career is more important. But then rich guys can get close on a neutral relationship.
“As a virgin, I don’t have an urge for sex. I think maybe because I have not done it before, and I don’t also believe in self service. My virginity is hard to believe… right? But that’s the honest truth.”

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